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NewPath Influence specializes in content creation and marketing. We provide companies and individuals the ability to focus their efforts, unify their online image, and expand a meaningful, influential and creative appearance.

Our Specialties include… Branding, Videography, Photography, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Website Development


Whether you are building a personal or company brand the importance of your image is undeniable. Every day organizations are redesigning and refocusing their marketing efforts as the impact of social media, the internet and competition becomes more and more prevalent. Not only is traditional media important but online media is now a powerful tool, crucial to achieving your goals.

Unfortunately many people and organizations do not have the time, knowledge, or understanding to capitalize on the benefits of marketing themselves properly. That’s where NewPath Influence comes in, let us take any of your projects from start to finish with speed and creativity.  We love seeing that wow factor on peoples faces and just seeing that alone motivates everyday!

About NewPath Influence

Tom Acton

Founder and operator of NewPath Influence

Tom Acton

Tom has a passion for creativity and has made it his work with NewPath Influence.  Tom started all services with the company ranging from video production to website design.  As a businessman he has pushed the company from being a small shop to dealing with large corporate clients.  While working with large clients no project is ever too small, too complicated or too simple for that matter.  Anything with clear ideology, passion and meaning is begging to be part of NewPath Influence. Contact Tom Now!


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Website Development
Premiere Executive Suites
Corporate event photography
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Animated Commercials
Jr.A Mounties Lacrosse
Architecture Photography

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